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Bespoke & Semi Custom Wedding & Event Stationery

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It's more than just paper

Your wedding invitations are the first hint of the excitement that's to come for you and your guests!


It's Tuesday afternoon, the most mundane day of the week. Your dear friend gets home from work after an extremely tough day. The paperwork is piling up and there's no end in sight. They open the mailbox and pick up a pile of bills, junk mail and... oh. This feels different. What could it be? It's now the only thing they care about, because it feels personal. A wedding! Something exciting to look forward to! They'll place that on their fridge immediately, write it down in their calendar, and put it on the fridge, where it will live until your wedding day (and possibly a month or so after, if they're anything like me!)

Wasn't that a great feeling?

Let's make an impression (& without the stress!)


Shop our range of semi-custom designs or chat with one of our expert designers to create something uniquely you.

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