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Common Questions


How much does it cost?

Semi-custom designs and standard digital printing, your invitations can start from around $5 - 8 per person. Extra embellishments such as foiling, speciality stocks, white ink etc, add to the price about $3 - $8 each, depending on your requirements

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What is the turnaround?

As a standard, you should allow roughly 4-6 weeks for your stationery to be designed, printed & mailed to you.

If you're wanting a super speedy turnaround, let us know up front and we can let you know the options to make this happen.

In saying all of this, we will not print until we have received the final, written confirmation that you are happy with your design.

Will you mail my invitations?

As a standard, all orders are designed to be delivered directly to you, so they can be stamped and mailed out. All envelopes are quoted with addresses printed but are not pre-paid envelopes.

Don't forget to add the price of postage onto your budget.​

Have Another Question?

If you have any questions not mentioned about, feel free to send us an email.

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